A Survey of Sleep Disturbing Factors in Patients of CCU Wards of Taleghani Hospital in Urmia

Naghibi, F and Nosrati, M and Nanbakhsh, ZH and Hematy, M (2005) A Survey of Sleep Disturbing Factors in Patients of CCU Wards of Taleghani Hospital in Urmia. J Urmia Nurs Midwifery Fac, 3 (3). pp. 105-109.


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Sleeping is one of the essential needs of human and approximately. composes one third of one's lifetime. An adult person needs about 6‑8 hours sleep daily. Sleep is necessary for growth and repair of body tissues and increases honnow release. Studies showed that need for sleeping increases in illness. Multiple factor‑ss such as physiologic and environmental factors can change the quality and quantity of sleep. Most patients in CCU ward complain of insomnia or normal sleep pattern changes and show signs of sleep deprivation such as fatigue, depression, lack of patience, and etc. At first it is necessary to recognize the problems. The researchers decided to do a descriptional study to determine sleep disturbance f,,t(,iors and help health personnels to prevent and control these factors. Methods & Materials: This study is a descriptive study and includes about 3.0 patients in CCU wards. A four‑part questioner was used for data collection. Each question sheet included questions about personal identification marks, social mad,~.‑,. personal‑environmental and medical care factors. Results: This study showed that samples complained of inability in praying (66.61o), room cleaning (33.3%), and care of other patients (20%) so personal, environmentaL and medical nursing factors respectively cause sleep disturbance in CCU patients. Discussion: The results show that each of environmental, personal, and medical nursing factors are effective in patients' sleep disturbance, therefore with control of environmental factors we can decrease the problems of the patients.

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